Google Sites Updates: August 2009

posted Aug 22, 2009, 10:57 AM by Brian Johnson   [ updated Aug 27, 2009, 7:31 PM ]

On August 27, 2009, Google released the following notable updates and bug fixes to the Google Sites service:


  • Recent Announcements
    - The Recent Announcements gadget has been enhanced to allow for the following configuration options:
    • Show a thumbnail of the first image in the post
    • Show more lines of the post, including the full post content.
    • Showing full post content + 1 post enables "<thing> of the day" functionality.
    • Add introductory text above the first announcement.
  • Third Party Gadgets - Gadgets that are added through the Insert >> More Gadgets menu option can now be configured to take up 100% of the available width.  Then can also be given titles and borders.
  • Site Search
    - The built-in site search feature is now fully customizable.  Site Owners can configure search for their sites using the following options:
    • Search across multiple sites (not just the current site)
    • Search across the entire Apps domain (useful for intranets)
    • Search using a Custom Search Engine
    • Search using a Google Search Appliance (or specific GSA front end).
    • Remove the search option from the site.
  • Site Copy - Site owners now have the ability to quickly copy sitesCopying may occur in the following scenarios:
    • Copy site from an Apps domain  to another site in the same Apps domain
    • Copy site from an Apps domain to another site in a different Apps domain
    • Copy site from an Apps domain to another non-Apps site
    • Copy site from a non-Apps site to another non-Apps site
    • Copy site from a non-Apps site to another site in an Apps domain
  • Format
    Menu - Two new text formatting options have been added to the Format menu for use while editing pages:
    • Code
    • Blockquote Code

Notable Fixes

  • Sidebar issue with textboxes - Fixed the error on saving some sidebars with textboxes
  • PDF files - Changed PDF viewing back to being viewable instead of forcing downloads.
  • SWF files - Fixed Flash SWF files being hosted and served on Sites through gadgets.
  • Files with spaces in the name - Fixed the issue of file names being truncated when downloading files with spaces in their name.
  • <pre> tag - Fixed the <pre> tag inserting extra linebreaks after saving in editor.

>> Read the official Google announcement from the Google Sites User Forum.