Custom Search

posted Aug 24, 2009, 10:05 AM by Brian Johnson

Google Sites provides a built-in search function for each Google Sites website.  As the Owner of a site, you have the ability to fully customize this feature to meet your specific needs based on the following options:
  • Search across multiple sites (not just the current site)
  • Search across the entire Apps domain (useful for intranets)
  • Search using a Custom Search Engine
  • Search using a Google Search Appliance (or specific GSA front end).
  • Remove the search option from the site.
To access and configure this feature:
  1. Log into your site
  2. Select More Actions >> Manage Site >> Site Layout
  3. Click the Configure Search button


General Tab

  • Enable Search - To remove the search box from your site, remove the check from this box
  • Search Providers
    • This Site
    • All Sites in <domain>
    • Web (
  • By Default Search - Sets the default search option for the site, including any custom search providers found on the Advanced tab of the Search configuration screen.

Advanced Tab

The Advanced tab allows the site Owner to add or remove any additional search providers, including Custom Search Engines (CSA) and Google Search Appliance (GSA).

Add Providers

  • Type - Specify Search across multiple sites, CSE or GSA
  • Name - Specify the name of the search provider.  This will be referenced in the drop-down selector next to the search box in your site's header, as well as in the configuration screens for the search feature.
Depending on what sort of provider you add, the remaining options will vary.

Search Across Multiple Sites
  • Sites to include - Allows you to specify which Google Sites websites (within your domain) to search across.
  • Google Custom Search Engine URL
  • Show Results in Site - Displays results inline with your site, as opposed to opening in a new window.
  • Google Search Appliance URL