Embedding Google Maps

posted Jun 27, 2009, 2:12 PM by Brian Johnson   [ updated Jul 9, 2009, 1:54 PM ]

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Google Maps has been integrated to work seamlessly with Google Sites.  Taking advantage of this integration is as simple as selecting Map from the Insert menu and filling in the appropriate fields in the Google Maps Properties window. 

Inserting the Map

Once you've selected Insert >> Map, you will be presented with a screen that gives you two basic options:
  1. Perform a Google Maps search
  2. Paste in a link to a custom map

Google Maps Search

If you choose to go with the option to search for your desired location, you can customize the map's appearance using the integrated tools.  Your customization options include:
  • Select your preferred display option:  Map, Satellite or Hybrid
  • Add placemarks
Multiple placemarks can be added, and each can be customized once placed on the map.  The only drawback is that once a placemark is added, it cannot be removed.  So, before you add a placemark, be certain that you want it on your map!

Google Maps Link

Going with the option to embed an existing Google Maps map gives you the freedom to make use of existing maps.  To take advantage of this feature, simply bring up your map and copy the link from the Link option to the right, just above the map.  You will then need to paste that URL into the text box at the bottom of the Insert Map screen.

Embedding your Map

Once you've successfully searched for and found your desired location, or pasted in the URL for your custom map, your next step is to click the Select button.  Clicking this button confirms that you are ready to specify the remainder of the settings for your map:  Border, Title, Height and Width. 

After finalizing your settings, the next (final) step is to Save the gadget.


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