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Create New Site

Getting Started

To create your site, you must first navigate to  You will want to log in using your Google account (ie//  Once logged in, click the Create New Site button to get started.

After clicking the Create New Site button, you will be presented with the following screen:

Site Name

Enter the name you would like to use for your site.  Google Sites will automatically attempt to create your site at a URL that matches the name you choose for your site.  If you do not like the URL Google Sites suggests, you can change it in the text box under Your site will be located at this URL.  Take note of the URL, as this will be the address you will share with others (unless you map your site to a custom domain.)

If the name you choose for your site is already in use by another Google Sites user, you will be notified at the time you click the Create Site button at the bottom of the page.  Google Sites will provide you with a list of possible alternatives from which you can choose, or you can come up with something new on your own.

Note:  The name displayed as your Google Sites website's URL cannot be changed once the site is created.  Be sure to double-check your spelling!

Site Description

The Site Description field is an optional field.  The information typed into this field is used to provide a brief description of your site to your site's visitors.  Those users who have been added to your site as Visitors, Collaborators or Owners, will see this description on their My Sites page at

The Site Description is also added as the META description tag for your site.

Mature Content

Placing a check in the box next to Mature Content will provide visitors to your site with a warning that they are about to view a site that contains content that is only suitable for adult audiences.  They will have the option to either proceed to the site, or navigate away. 

Share With

By default, your Google Sites website will be publicly accessible to all the world.  You can see this because the option next to Everyone in the world can view this site is selected.  If you wish to restrict who can view the site, select the option next to Only people I specify can view this site.  You will have the option to specify (invite) users once the site has been created.

Site Theme

Google Sites offers approximately twenty (20) pre-defined themes for your websites.  These themes are geared toward specifying the color scheme of your site.

Note:  If you are looking for pre-built templates (such as ones to match the Google Sites example websites), none are available at this time.  To build a site that matches these examples, or others, you will have to manually reconstruct them.

Create Site

Once the above information has been entered, you are ready to create your site.  First, however, you need to enter the CAPCHA text to verify that the site is being created by a human and not a computerized system.  After having done this, click the Create Site button to generate the site.

Next Steps