Sites Guide - Menu Options

Menu Options

When logged into your site for editing (or even viewing or purposes if it is a private site and you have the right permissions), you will see a series of menu options in the upper-right corner of the screen.  These options include Create Page, Edit Page and More Actions.  The More Actions menu provides access to every site-wide management resource for your website.

Create Page

The Create Page menu option enables you to create new pages for your website.  While it is not the only way to create new pages, it is likely the most common, and the most versatile.  (The other way to create new pages is via the Link option on the Edit toolbar while editing an existing page or text gadget.)

Edit Page

The Edit Page menu option moves you into Edit mode for a page.  While in Edit mode, you have the ability to modify or remove existing content, as well as add new content to a page.  Entering Edit mode gives you access to the Edit toolbar shown below.

More Actions

The More Actions menu provides access to many additional features of Google Sites.  The items that appear above the horizontal line in this list are page-specific options.  Included in this list of options
  • Revision History - Access to recent revision history for the page.  Prior versions of pages can be retrieved here.
  • Subscribe to Page Changes - Subscribe, by email, to all changes made to this page.
  • Page Settings - Modify page-specific settings as outlined in the following image:

  • Print
  • Move - Relocate the page in your site's hierarchy
  • Delete - Delete the page.  (See How to Reuse a Page Name (URL) for related information)
  • Preview Page as Viewer - Display the page in your browser as an anonymous site visitor would  would see it.
The options listed beneath the horizontal line are site-wide features, including access to the main control panel for your Google Sites website.
  • Subscribe to Site Changes - Similar to Subscribe to Page Changes above, but for entire site.
  • Manage Site - Access to master control panel for your site.  Management options include:
    • Site Content
      • Recent Site Activity
      • Pages
    • Site Settings
      • General
      • Sharing
      • Monetize
      • Web Address (Mapping)
    • Site Appearance
      • Site Layout
      • Colors and Fonts
      • Themes
  • Share this Site - Define who can access your site, and what permissions they will be given.

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