Google Checkout and Google Sites

posted Jul 28, 2009, 8:10 PM by Brian Johnson   [ updated Jun 19, 2011, 6:16 AM by Brian Johnson ]

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A Store Gadget for Google Checkout that can be embedded directly into - among other things - Google Sites websites is available to quickly and easily turn your site into an online storefront!  This gadget is easy to use, quick to install and is dynamically populated with the contents of a simple Google Spreadsheet!

The purpose of this article is to bring your attention to this gadget and show you how to add it to your site.  For full details on the gadget itself, and to learn how to make it work, please see the Google Checkout store gadget tutorial.

What is the Google Checkout Store Gadget?

In simple terms, the Google Checkout Store Gadget is a gadget that enables you to quickly and easily build a shopping cart for your website.  More importantly, you can embed this gadget into your Google Sites website! 

The underlying data source for this gadget is a simple Google Docs Spreadsheet consisting of eight (8) native fields - some of which are optional.  It is quick and easy to build (and maintain), which means you can be up and running with Google Checkout on your Google Sites website within minutes!  And, Google makes it easy by providing a spreadsheet template to get you started.

How do I Embed the Checkout Gadget in my Google Sites Website?

As stated above, this article is not aimed at teaching you how to configure the Google Checkout Store Gadget.  Instead, it is intended to show you how to add the gadget (there are three gadgets, actually:  Large, Small and Tiny) to your Google Sites website.  For more details on working with the gadget, please see the Google Checkout store gadget tutorial.

To embed the gadget, skip to Step 3 on the Google Checkout store gadget tutorial and select "Google Sites" from the Embed Location section of the Embed the Google Store Checkout Gadget table.  Once this selection has been made, the section to the right of the Embed Location will update to provide step-by-step instructions on how to add the gadget to your site.

See it in Action!

Note:  The embedded Google Checkout Store Gadget below is for demonstration purposes only.  The products are not for sale.  The gadget is functional up to the point of checking out, at which time the gadget will likely error out.

The gadget you added is not valid