How to Reuse a Page Name (URL)

posted Apr 21, 2009, 7:28 PM by Brian Johnson   [ updated Sep 30, 2010, 7:13 PM by Brian Johnson ]

When working with Google Sites, there may come a time when you need to scrap a page entirely and start over.  The most common reason for this is that you chose one page type when you created the page, but now you realize you need a different page type.  Unfortunately, when you delete the initial page, Sites will not allow you to reuse the page name (URL) for the new page.

How can you get around this limitation?

Fortunately with Google Sites, you have the ability to not only delete unwanted pages, but you can also rename them in the process.  By renaming the page before you delete it, you preserve the ability to use the page name (URL) again with a new page.

Recovering a Page

If you've deleted the page before renaming it, you'll need to recover it, rename it and delete it again.  To recover a deleted page:

  1. Log into your site
  2. Select More Actions >> Manage Site >> Deleted Items
  3. Place a check in the box next to the page you wish to recover.
  4. Click the Recover button.

    See Manage Deleted Pages for more details.

Renaming Pages in Google Sites

  1. Log into your site
  2. Navigate to the page that needs to be renamed
  3. Select Page Settings from the More Actions menu
  4. Change the name displayed in the Page URL text box
  5. Click Save

Deleting a Page

  1. Log into your site
  2. Navigate to the page you wish to delete
  3. Select Delete from the More Actions menu
  4. When prompted to confirm that you wish to delete the page, click the Delete button

Other Resources

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